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An epidemic of suicide is raging in
America today, falling disproportionately
on the young. The figures are startling.
The National Institutes of Mental
report suicide as the third
leading cause of death for young
people between the ages of 15 and 24.
According to Pentagon statistics,
deaths from suicide in the US
military now far outpace deaths
from combat
. The problem reaches
into all ethnic groups and all regions of
the country.

A Brief Guide to Teen Suicide
, new author Kathy Harris
Henderson presents practical steps
caregivers, family members, loved ones,
and friends can take to reach out to
those at-risk. Dr. Henderson's
for the topic began in tragedy
: her
own daughter took her life at age
sixteen. The book begins with an
account of that tragedy. Henderson
follows up with
chapters addressing
the roles of parents, teens,
schools, and faith communities
addressing the epidemic. She then
examines the
development of
teenagers' will and conscience,

chronological brain development
children and teens, and
related to teen suicide
. The book
closes with a powerful chapter entitled
"What I Learned."

Though written from a Christian
perspective, the book's insights are
universally applicable to the topic.
The work also includes
information for teens and parents
. If
you or someone you know are
considering suicide, please call the
National Suicide Prevention
Lifeline, toll-free, twenty-four hours
a day, at
1-800-273-TALK (8255).
About the Author
Kathy Harris Henderson is a born and
bred East Texan. She studied psychology
and sociology at
Stephen F. Austin
State University
in Nacogdoches,
Texas, then went on to receive a Doctor
of Philosophy from
Aspen Christian
College and Seminary
in Dallas.

Following the unexpected and painful loss
of her 16 year old daughter,
committed to share what she learned
to help both parents and youth
understand the importance of forming the
type of relationships that ultimately affect
behavior and choice. She works to
accomplish this in her own church,
Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist
of Dallas, and in the larger

Dr. Henderson realizes that so much of
what she is today is due to the
mentoring she received from her
mother, grandmother,
great-grandmother and aunt. God
the common thread in all these
relationships, the thread she continues to
pass on as she seeks the completion of
His purpose in her life.

To Contact Kathy Harris Henderson,
please use the following email address:
authoronthemove "at" gmail.com
A Brief Guide to
Teen Suicide Prevention
for Parents, Teachers,
Clergy, and Friends

is a new resource
from Searchlight Press
by Kathy Harris Henderson

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ISBN: 978-1-936497-18-8
82 pages,
Book Description
In loving memory of Kourtney