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Latin text from “The Latin Vulgate.”  
Biblia Sacra Iuxta Vulgatam Versionem,
Fourth Revised Edition,
edited by Roger Gryson,
© 1994 Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft,
Used by permission.
Psalm 4

Psalm 4:1
To the end, in songs.
A psalm of David.

4:2  When I called,
my fairness’s God heard me.
Through struggle
He broadened me.
Have mercy on me,
and hear my prayer!
4:3  Men’s children, how long will you
have a heavy heart?
Why do you love vanity,
and seek lies?
4:4  You will know
that the Lord has made
His holy One wondrous.
The Lord will hear me
when I call out to Him.

4:5  Be angry but do not sin!
For what you say
on your beds in your hearts,
be repentant!
4:6  Sacrifice offerings
of fairness,
and hope in the Lord!

Many are saying,
“Who will show us good?”
4:7  Your face’s light
is a sign over us.
Lord, you have given joy
in my heart,
4:8  from the fruit of the grain
and wine and oil.
They are multiplied.

4:9  I will sleep in peace
in this itself,
and find comfort,
4:10  because you, Lord,
made me remarkably in hope.
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