Could Terrorists Attack Dallas Love Field?
Dallas Author Explores Subject in New Novel

(Dallas, Texas)—Could terrorists exploit security holes at
Dallas Love Field and hijack a plane?  Could a trail of false
clues lead an American government to attack the wrong
enemy?  Both of these things happen in Flames in the Jungle,
a new action novel by Texas author John Cunyus.

In Flames in the Jungle, narco-terrorists launch an attack at
Love Field and hijack a plane, leaving behind a bomb and a
trail of false clues.  As the hostages disappear into the
Colombian jungle, governments and guerrillas alike try to find
and rescue them.  While the drama unfolds in the jungle, an
impatient American government itches to strike back at old
enemies – the leftist government of Venezuela and its
insurgent allies in Colombia.

In the words of one of the terrorists in Flames in the Jungle,
“You can’t hijack an American plane from inside anymore.  
Too much scrutiny.  But in a smaller airport, you could storm a
plane from outside if you have the right training and

John Cunyus is a graduate of Rice and TCU.  He spent twenty
years as a minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ), before settling down to write Flames in the Jungle.  
Cunyus is married to his own beautiful Colombian, Rocio, and
has traveled extensively in the places he describes.

“My family and I have flown out of Love Field so often,” he
says.  “I see security gaps there each time I go inside.  I figure
that if I see them, others probably see them, too.  That’s a
centerpiece of the novel.”

Still, could somebody really succeed in bombing an airport and
hijacking a local plane?  “I’d rather explore the possibility in a
novel,” Cunyus says, “than face the reality of it.  But yes, it is a
possibility.  Maybe this book will help close some of the gaps.”

Flames in the Jungle weaves “a vivid tapestry of intrigue,
passion, and terror . . . guaranteed to keep readers on the
edge of their seats.”

About Flames in the Jungle. Flames in the Jungle stretches
from the walls of colonial Cartagena, Colombia, to modern
Dallas, before returning to the unforgiving Colombian jungle.
Flames in the Jungle, ISBN #0-595-40800-1, was published in
September, 2006, by iUniverse.  It is available in paperback for
$12.95 from iUniverse at 1.800.AUTHORS, as well as online at and this website.
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