Searchlight Press has been publishing fine books since 1994.  Our major
focus today is
The Latin Testament Project, translating the Vulgate Bible
into contemporary English.  For details on the project please
click here.

As a way of using the gifts God has given us to keep the work going, we
also help new authors get their works into print or e-book format
We have the expertise to professionally design and publish your book under
your imprint or, in certain cases, our own.  We can also arrange distribution
of your book through
major online booksellers like Amazon.com, put up
a web page to publicize your book around the world, and make your book
available to you directly at a substantial discount.

          Do You Have a Book You'd Like to Publish?
Searchlight itself publishes Christian self-help, Bible commentary,
theology, and education
.  We guide authors of other genres through the
publication process on a consultative basis as well.  If you have a work you
would like us to consider, please contact us at this address:

                              Email: Info "at" Searchlight-Press.com

                   We Help Author/Entrepreneurs!
We help authors who have a passion not just to write, but to a willingness to
get out and promote their printed ideas as well.  In these days, there are a
variety of ways of getting a book published.  Check out
"Four Ways to
Finance Your Book," for descriptions.  No matter the method you choose,
your book won't sell itself.  You will have to work for it.  If your ideas are
worth putting in print, though, that can be a rewarding process.

                        What We Can Do For You
We offer the following services:

Publishing Consultation: we will talk to you about your book, your
goals, your market, and how you might proceed.  We're not in the
business of leading people on just to take their money.  We'll be up-
front and honest with you about your work, because we don't succeed
unless you succeed.  There is no charge for this consultation.

Publishing Services: we will take your finished, electronic manuscript,
assign it an ISBN number, design a cover, get it into print, and get you a
proof copy.  We can arrange for your book to be available on major, online
retailers like Amazon.com, as well.  

Kindle/E-book Publication: we will format your book for electronic
publication on Amazon Kindle.

Editorial Services: we will proof-read and edit your book, making
corrections and offering suggestions, for $3/page.

Promotional Services: we will create a custom web page for you and your
book, including your book cover, synopsis, sample text, and purchase
information.  (You are responsible for domain name and page hosting, if you
choose so.)  We can also help you design your marketing plan.

Publicist Services:  we can refer you to our publicist, who can make
arrangements directly with you.

                        If this interests you, please contact us!

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John Cunyus is freelance writer
working in North Texas.  His work may
be viewed online at
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