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Search the Scriptures, by Rev. Robert L. Dees
Search the Scriptures:
A Step-by-Step Approach
to Deeper Understanding
by Robert L. Dees
ISBN: 978-0-9824802-6-7
Searchlight Press, 2010
132 pages. $14.99
Book Categories:
Religion: Biblical Studies - Bible Study
Religion: Spirituality - General
Religion: Christian Life - Prayer
Our challenge today is not just to
read the Bible for the sake of
reading it. It is to understand it
spiritually, to let the Bible move us
from the depths of our souls. This
book, by veteran pastor Robert L.
Dees, lays out practical steps any
lay or clergy reader can use to do
just that.  
                            Rev. Bob Dees
Rev. Robert L. Dees
Rev. Robert L. Dees
Book Cover
"This book will help ordinary
people understand
scripture better."

John Cunyus, Director,
The Latin Old Testament Project
      About the Author:
Bob Dees is a Pastor and
Spiritual Director. A graduate
of Brite Divinity School at
Texas Christian University in
Fort Worth, Texas, Bob has
served congregations
throughout North America for
nearly 30 years. Bob also
earned a
Certificate in
Spiritual Direction
from The
Cenacle Retreat House

His passion is that
followers of Jesus Christ
not only know the Word,
become the Word for
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