Seen an angel.

It had been a long day:
a full day of school
and a Tuesday evening at church
while Dad taught World Religions.

Five year old Catie was flat out tired.
After going through her nightly
with Mom,
she came to bed.

Since Mom was helping
Catie's three year old brother
learn how to do what they insistently
referred to as
“Number Two,”
I lay down with Catie
to say goodnight.

I watched my daughter.
It was magical.

This sweet, five year old child
got into her jammies,
crawled under the covers,
laid her head on the pillow . . .
and went to sleep.

It was that simple.

No wild, trampling thoughts.
No egregious worries.
No tossing and turning.

She just closed her eyes
and went to sleep.

As I crept out quietly into the hall
I knew I had seen an angel.

Ana Catherine Cunyus,
four years old,
salutes her friends.

March 8, 2007
©2007 John G Cunyus.
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John Cunyus is a freelance writer working in North
Texas.  His work can be viewed at www.johncunyus.

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John Cunyus is freelance writer
working in North Texas.  His work may
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