The Seventy Week Ministry
of Jesus Christ:
Revelations from
God's Sacred Calendar

by D. Michael Cotten
ISBN#: 978-0-9824802-7-4
261 pages
     (From the Back Cover)

Is it possible to reconstruct The
Sacred Calendar from GOD’s
inspired word and to identify the
Lord’s daily movements? Can
these movements be validated in
the prophecies and shadow
pictures of the Bible? Did Jesus,
the Messiah, fulfill each and
every requirement for his first
coming, death, resurrection, and
first fruits offering?

The author, Michael Cotten,
meticulously details GOD’s
instructions for days, weeks,
months, seasons, years, and His
Feasts. GOD inspired the
recording of his words and the
choreography of each and every
event. It is up to us to look at these
words and events from the past to
understand and see the present
and anticipate the future.

Would you like to know the birth
date of Jesus Christ and John the
Baptist? See the fulfillment of
all the Daniel 9 prophecies
referring to the first coming?
Experience the celebration of the
Passion week, according to the
Sacred Calendar that Jesus
Christ was following? This study
will add to our Christian faith, our
Jewish heritage, and prepare us
to become the bride of Jesus
Christ, The Messiah.
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