Snappy the Alligator

Snappy the Alligator lives behind a
wooden board in the garage at Catie
and David's house.  Though invisible
to ordinary mortals, Snappy is real
enough to things that scare little
children.  In fact, he eats things that
scare little children.  Catie and David
are little children.

Snappy grabs things that scare little
children in his fat alligator snout and
tears them to pieces.  Then he gulps
down the pieces and burps.  But
Snappy loves little children and would
never bite them (or their moms or their
dads!).  He might nibble on their toes,
but only in fun.

Snappy the Alligator can fly.  He often
flies over the car when Catie and
David go to Grand-Grand and Granny
Jeanene's house.  Since Grand-Grand
and Granny Jeanene have scary but
nice dogs, Catie and David have to
remind Snappy not to eat the dogs.  
He usually obeys them, unless he's
really hungry.

Snappy the Alligator doesn't like the
word C-R-O-C-O-D-I-L-E.  He doesn't
want to be associated with such
mean-spirited and hungry creatures.  
He also doesn't fly along with Daddy's
car when Daddy goes to the Blue
House in Glen Rose.  Daddy already
has two stone lions named Fang and
Claw living with him there.  Snappy
doesn't get along with Fang and Claw
because Fang and Claw belong to

Daddy sometimes scares Catie and
David by pretending to turn into a
monster and chasing them.  This
makes Snappy want to eat Daddy, but
he doesn't.

Fang and Claw eat the things that
scare Daddy.  It's best that Snappy,
Fang, and Claw not spend too much
time together.

The End

John Cunyus is a free-lance writer in Dallas. His work
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Text ©2007, John Cunyus, All Rights Reserved

Words and Layout ©2007, John G. Cunyus
All Rights Reserved

John Cunyus is freelance writer working in North
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