(For fans of the late, great Southwest
Conference . . . final standings determined by
Jeff Sagarin's computer ratings)

The Arkansas Razorbacks ended the
Texas Longhorns
' years-long streak as
Southwest Conference champions as the season
ended December 2nd.  
TCU's Horned Frogs
continued their rise, finishing third for the first
time in many years.  

It was a good year for the conference from top to
bottom.  Only one team, the
Baylor Bears,
ended with a losing record.  All but Baylor were
bowl eligible.  All those bowl eligible with the
exception of the
SMU Mustangs will be playing
in the post-season, including the
Rice Owls,
who gained their first bowl berth since 1961.

Final standings with Sagarin's ratings in
parentheses were:

Arkansas                                                 (86.54)
Texas                                                       (84.85)
TCU                                                          (78.89)
Texas A&M                                             (78.47)
Texas Tech                                             (75.47)
Houston                                                  (74.17)
Rice                                                          (69.94)
Baylor                                                      (66.17)
SMU                                                         (64.75)
Southwest Conference
2006 Final Standings

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