Toromillo the Hunted
            by John Cunyus

Glen Rose, Texas, resident and author John Cunyus has
released the second in a series of novels he calls “Tales of the
Drug War.”  
Toromillo the Hunted, published this month by
iUniverse Press, continues the story Cunyus began last year
with the publication of
Flames in the Jungle.

Flames in the Jungle, two well-placed drug lords, one from
Colombia and the other from Venezuela, carry out a
meticulously-planned hijacking and terrorist attack at Dallas
Love Field.  The clues they left behind all point to the direct
involvement of Venezuela’s leftist government and Colombia’s
largest guerrilla army.  A furious America responds by
decapitating the Venezuelan government and destroying the
Colombian guerrilla strongholds from the air.

Toromillo the Hunted, the second book, tells the tale of the
aftermath.  Jorge Toromillo, one of the two plotters, disappears
into a new life and a new identity following the attacks while his
partner in crime, Hernan Virrey, rides the deception they have
perpetrated to immense wealth and power in Colombia.  
Meanwhile, the American “victory” over Venezuela and the
guerrillas seems only to have opened the door wider to an
even more potent torrent of drugs.

As the once-defeated Colombian guerrillas reignite their war in
Colombia’s cities, Colombia’s tattered government attempts to
strike back.  Colonel Miguel Escalante and his beautiful new
wife, Ana, lead a frantic effort to restore order.  Under mounting
pressure from the United States, Hernan Virrey, now a
Colombian presidential candidate, betrays his old partner
Toromillo.  Toromillo, the savage hunter, becomes Toromillo the
hunted as events crescendo to a stunning conclusion.

John Cunyus, author of
Toromillo the Hunted, only recently
turned to fiction after years of writing religious non-fiction.  He
writes in a style similar to Ian Fleming, author of the James
Bond books: short, fast-paced, iconic words that carry the
reader at a breakneck pace through the story.  

Will the story continue after Toromillo the Hunted?   “The third
novel is already written,” Cunyus says.  “We’re hoping to bring
it out sometime next year.”

What about the drug war?  Cunyus says, “I’m not a politician, but

I look around and see the ruin the drug war brings about in so
many places.  You have to wonder if there is a better way.

“Fiorello LaGuardia was mayor of New York during Prohibition,”
he adds.  “LaGuardia once said, ‘Prohibition cannot be enforced
for the simple reason that the majority of American people do
not want it to be enforced and are resisting its enforcement.
That being so, the only thing to do under our form of
government is to abolish a law which cannot be enforced, a law
which the people of this country do not want to be enforced.’

“That seems to be the case with the War on Drugs as well.”

Toromillo the Hunted and Flames in the Jungle are available
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