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John Cunyus is a
freelance philosopher
working in North Texas.
Feedback for John's Work

John visited our church as part of a
book signing tour. He met with our
adult Sunday school classes to explain
why someone should be translating the
Bible from the Vulgate. I was
wondering that myself. His reasons are
compelling. His translations are fresh
and lacking the characteristic “stained
glass voice” one often finds in reading
the scriptures. I encourage John’s
materials for study and devotional use,
and commend him as an interesting
and compelling speaker.”
Rev. Steven C. Digby
First Christian Church
Odessa, Texas

As I've said before, you've always
been the consummate scholar and an
incredibly rich thinker. The books that
you're authoring are welcomed
additions to the ongoing world of
biblical studies – thanks for using your
considerable gifts and talents to
continue pointing people toward a
fuller understanding of God's Eternal
Major Stephen George,
Chaplain, US Army,

What really pleases me as I read your
translation is the way you have set it
up and the beautiful way in which you
have caught the essence of each
verse with elegant English (simple and
Rev. Dr. Robert Gartman,
Retired Minister,
Dallas, Texas

I welcome the translation of the
Vulgate and the emphasis on Wisdom
Literature.  The Latin language and
particularly the Vulgate have had an
enormous impact on the Christian
Church and our liturgical and
theological formation.  Be assured that
I will forward the second copy to the
Holy Father.
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo,
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

John, thank you for Psalms! What a
refreshing work! I appreciate your
point about Christ in the Psalms being
key to the early church . . .
Rev. Dr. Larry Ross,
Area Minister, North Texas Area
of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
in the Southwest Region
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