You’re Not Special
Because You
Love God,
You’re Special
Because God
Loves You.

By D. Michael Cotten


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ISBN # 978-1-936497-03-4

©2010, D. Michael Cotten
All Rights Reserved

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"We are not important because
we love GOD, but are important
because GOD loves us.  The new
revelation to studying the Bible
and our relationship with GOD is
to exchange loving GOD with our
own power, to receiving GOD's
incredible love for us in His
supernatural power.  Our natural
life dulls our sensitivity to the love
of GOD for us.  When we believe
in the love of GOD for us and use
this love to serve others, we are
one in Spirit and purpose with
Jesus Christ.  And GOD's love is
perfected in us when we are
laying down our lives for our
brother, serving others."

D. Michael Cotten
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