Five Things I Believe

1.  There is an ultimate, necessary
existence in the universe
, yet the final
character of this ultimate defies our
powers of comprehension.
3.  Because we do not know the final
character of the ultimate, all statements we
make about it are provisional, subject to
revision, certainly not worth killing others
4.  Neither do we know our own origin or
, whether we are “immortal
souls,” whether we exist before or beyond
5.  Given the limitation of our knowledge,
our obligation is to live responsibly
in this
moment, making a practice of, in Jesus’
words, “
doing unto others as we would
have them do unto us.

©2008, John Cunyus,
All Rights Reserved.

Words, Images, and
©2008 John G. Cunyus
All Rights Reserved

John Cunyus is freelance
working in North Texas.
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