A Path Beyond Suffering:
Working the Buddhist Method

by John Cunyus

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144 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9644609-6-6
A Path Beyond Suffering:
Working the Buddhist Method

Table of Contents

Why Would a Christian Minister
Write a Book about Buddhism . . .

An Introduction to Buddhism        14
A Key Text        
Later Developments
What Is the Buddhist Method?
Meditation: What It Is and
    How to Do It
Simple Meditation Exercises

The Method in Outline                   30
The Four Noble Truths
The Eightfold Path
The Ten Perfections
The Five Skandhas
Three Elements of
     Buddhist Practice
The Five Precepts
Five Buddhist Precepts,
     Slightly Updated
The Wheel of Existence
Death from a
How Long Is a World Cycle
Three Marks of Existence
Four Attachments
What Is Wisdom
The Advantage of Wisdom
The Advantage of Meditation
How to Develop Spiritual Power
The Four Trances
The Four Sublime States
A Meditation on Beauty
A Meditation on Death
The Four Intent Contemplations
Confidence in the Doctrine
Proper Motivation for
     Teaching the Method
A Refuge in a World of
     Constant Change
Five Nots
The Danger of Belief
Summary of the Human Condition

Deeper Reflections                        64
Life Hurts
A Non-Personal Understanding
       of Life
A Meditation on the
      Three Marks of Existence
What Is Nirvana
A Willingness to Face Death
Indian Psychology
Ten Perfections of a Bodhisattva
A Radical Negation
Why Do Bad Things
       Happen, Period
Salvation in Hindu
       and Buddhist Thought
God in Buddhism
What in Tarnation
       Is Reincarnation?

Applications                                   116
Five Steps to a Happier Life
Five Ways Our Thoughts
       Can Make Us Sick
Even Gandhi Had Karma
Death on the Wheel of Existence
How to Use the Skandhas
       for Peace of Mind
The Anger-Eating Demon

Miscellaneous                               138
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