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John Cunyus is a
freelance philosopher
working in North Texas.  
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         The Way of Wisdom:
Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

              Job Chapter 14
14:1  Man born of woman living a brief moment,
is full of many miseries.
14:2  He comes forth like a flower and is destroyed.
He vanishes like a shadow.
He will never endure in his place.
14:3  And do You consider it fair
to open your eyes over one like him,
and bring him to you in judgment?
14:4  Who can make him clean,
conceived as he is of unclean seed?
Isn’t it You, who are unique?

14:5  Man only has a few days.
You Yourself placed an end
to the number of his months.
You have established his limits
which cannot be passed.
14:6  Turn away from him a little!
Let him rest until his desire should come.
His days are like a hired soldier’s.

14:7  A tree has hope.
If it is cut down, it will grow green again.
Its branches will bud.
14:8  If its roots grow old in the soil
and its trunk decays into dust,
14:9  at the scent of water it will germinate
and bear fruit like when it was first planted.

14:10  But when a man dies,
and is laid out and eaten up,
where is he, I ask?
14:11  In the same way the waters
of the sea ebb away,
and empty rivers dry up,
14:12  so man when he falls asleep
will not wake back up until the sky grinds away.
He will not awaken or get up from his sleep.

14:13  Who can give this to me,
that You may protect me in the inferno,
that You may hide me until your fury passes over,
that You give me a time when You will remember me?
14:14  You don’t believe a dead man
can rise up again and live, do you?
All of my days now I campaign on.
I am waiting until my release comes.
14:15  You will call and I will respond to you.
You will stretch out your right hand
to the work of your hands.
14:16  You indeed have numbered my steps,
but You spare my sins.
14:17  You sealed my offenses as if in a small sack,
yet have been concerned with my treachery.

14:18   A mountain, falling, will fade away,
and a rock is moved from its place.
14:19  Waters wear away stones
and earth is consumed little by little by flood,
and You, therefore, destroy men in the same way.
14:20  You have strengthened him a little,
that his face may pass away forever,
and you will drive him out.
14:21  Whether his children will be noble or ignoble,
he does not know.
14:22  Yet his flesh, while he still lives, will ache,
and his soul will mourn over him.

©2008, John G. Cunyus,
All Rights to the English Translation Reserved
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The Way of Wisdom:
Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
Song of Solomon.

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