Reviewers of Flames in the Jungle say:

“Loved this book. Grabbed me from the beginning and kept
me on the edge of my seat until the end. The characters come
alive and the plot twists and turns like a rollercoaster. Vividly
descriptive and passionately written, the author's familiarity
with both Dallas and Columbia is obvious. He has a very good
grasp of the political conflicts of the US, Columbia, and
Venezuela. I highly recommend this book.”
“Pat’s Opinions,” Weatherford, Texas,

“I enjoyed the story...interesting approach -- it seemed to me
that the the events were like some kind of tornado and the
characters were sort of swept along in the events and then
deposited at the end (with varying degrees of damage), but
without really having had much of an impact on, or role in,
what had happened...

Kind of like real life...”
Myles Hall, Fort Worth, Texas

“Congratulations on accomplishing the real American dream.”
Bill Woodall, Publisher, Kilgore (Texas) News-Herald.

Cunyus is “the Latin American Tom Clancy.”
a reviewer in Dallas

“. . . could not put the book down . . . left us hanging . . . can’t
wait for the next volume.  A very interesting book!”
Ione Sedinger, Arlington, Texas

“From the walls of peaceful Cartagena, Colombia, two
conspirators finalize a plan to destroy the Venezuelan

“Cold-blooded narco-terrorists attack a Dallas airport and
hijack a plane to Colombia, leaving behind a trail of false
clues. As an impatient American government prepares to
strike back, a beautiful Colombian journalist and her soldier
boyfriend struggle to uncover the truth . . . and rescue the

“Flames in the Jungle stretches from the walls of colonial
Cartagena to modern Dallas, before returning to the
unforgiving Colombian jungle. The book's vivid tapestry of
intrigue, passion, and terror is guaranteed to keep readers on
the edge of their seats.”
– from the Book Description,
Reviews of Flames in the Jungle
by John Cunyus
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