Tales of the Drug War
Flames in the Jungle
by John Cunyus

From the walls of peaceful Cartagena,
Colombia, two conspirators finalize a plan to
destroy the Venezuelan government.

Cold-blooded narco-terrorists attack a Dallas
airport and hijack a plane to Colombia,
leaving behind a trail of false clues.  As an
impatient American government prepares to
strike back, a beautiful Colombian journalist
and her soldier boyfriend struggle to
uncover the truth . . . and rescue the

Flames in the Jungle stretches from the walls
of colonial Cartagena to modern Dallas,
before returning to the unforgiving
Colombian jungle.  The book’s vivid tapestry
of intrigue, passion, and terror is guaranteed
to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Published by iUniverse.  $12.95
"The scariest part is that it
could all happen . . ."
-A Reviewer in Dallas, Texas

Words, Images, and Layout
©2007, John G. Cunyus
All Rights Reserved

John Cunyus is freelance writer
working in North Texas.  His work
may be viewed online at
Flames in the Jungle
The First Novel
Toromillo the Hunted
The Second Novel
Toromillo the Hunted
by John Cunyus

Jorge Toromillo’s calculated terror triggered
a war and brought down a government.  As
he disappears into a new, surgically-altered
identity, the torrent of drug trafficking he
unleashed washes over the United States.

He lives quietly in a luxurious retirement . . .
until his old partner, Hernan Virrey, betrays
him.  Then Toromillo the hunter becomes
Toromillo the hunted, and the stage is set
for a blistering showdown.

Toromillo the Hunted, the second novel in a
series that began with
Flames in the Jungle,
carries the reader through a complex web of
suspense, love, intrigue, and action.

Published by iUniverse. $13.95
Latino fiction, Hispanic fiction.